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Obituary for Shirley Ann Carrington (Peyton)

Ms. Shirley Peyton Carrington, daughter of the late Reverend James Redmond Peyton Sr. and Jennie Mae Willoughby, was born on October 5, 1954 in Cary, North Carolina. We give thanks and glory to God for the powerful force and energy she radiated and for allowing her compassionate light to touch so many in her tremendous life. She was respected, loved , honored, and treasured; her incomparable presence will be deeply felt and missed.

Shirley was a multi-talented 'Jill-of-all-trades' with a passion for creating effective innovative ideas and aiding those who needed it the most. Valuing education she graduated in 1972 and went on to pursue higher education. She started her professional career after graduating from St. Augustine's College in Raleigh, North Carolina.
After working for a number of years as an executive assistant and administrator,
her entrepreneurial spirit was set in motion and the spark was set aflame with the start of her own graphic design and printing business in Houston, Texas.

Not one for resting on her laurels, Shirley then transitioned into the healthcare industry and began a career working at Wake Medical Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. The switch was an appropriate one, as it was also at this time her father, James Redmond Peyton Sr. was stricken with Alzheimer's Disease. Becoming a caretaker is a truly selfless act and Shirley performed it with grit, tenacity, determination, grace, and aplomb. Diving in to her role with both feet and facing every adversity with her head high, Shirley revolutionized caretaking techniques for home-based elder care with both her father and then later her mother.

Following the death of her father, the entrepreneurial spirit hit once again ,but now combined with her passion for the eldelry, she started The Redmond-Willoughby Foundation a 501(c)(3) Non-profit to help the aging and elderly who fall in 'the gap' between low-income and the poverty line. Later adding a youth focused subsidiary, The Youth Enrichment Program or 'YEP' an after school education and study program for school age youth living in Green, Pitt, Lenoir, and Wilson counties.

A passion and talent for all forms of artistic expression came easily to Shirley as well. Her love of music was profound and her vocal talent was shared in her collegiate career as she traveled the United States performing in choir. A deep undulating alto, Shirley enjoyed all genres of music from Gospel artist like Ron Kenoly, Jazz greats like Miles Davis, Guitar legends like Santana or Classic groups like Fleetwood Mac, The Spinners, Steely Dan, and The Bee Gees. Shirley was also an avid painter and created a line of hand painted clothing and ceramics under the company name 'Designs By Ashley', inspired by her daughter. Her family and friends would often be the featured models in fashion shows showcasing her incredible and dazzling array of coordinates and separates and ceramic treasures.
Later in life Shirley's love of retail transitioned from brick and mortar to online with her highly successful vintage Etsy resale shop, Jennie James Resale. Her love of investigating the history of the vintage treasures she found can be seen in the care and detail she places in each listing, description and photo.

Always detail oriented and direct, Shirley could be guaranteed to give you bracing but honest advice and opinions. Never one to back down from spirited debate, you often left your conversations with her a little more educated and possibly a little ruffled but wrapped in the firm hug of tough love. Shirley's resolute demeanor was forged through her life experiences of love , loss, injustice, generosity, redemption and the ever present power of her faith. Caring but firm she was always available for advice, a good meal, a laugh or a cup of her favorite coffee, Bustelo.

She is warmly greeted in heaven by her father Reverend James Redmond Peyton Sr. and mother Mrs. Jennie W. Peyton. Here on earth she is survived by her only child Veronica Carrington, her sisters Martha Freeman, Mary Mangum, Jennie Mitchell, Leah Robinson, Annette Chitty and one brother, James Redmond Peyton Jr. and a host of loving nieces and nephews, cousins, dear friends and extended 'family'. Her time on this earth was brief but bright and her memory and impact on those around her will be truly everlasting.